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About Terry

Private Sessions are always a, “Judgement-Free Zone.” All topics are welcome and are always confidential.

Hello, I’m Terry Tver, Intuitive Energy Practitioner, and I created Free To Be from the passion I have for helping others become healthier, revitalized, more confident, and full of joy. 
With 35 years’ experience as a Spiritual Consultant and Intuitive Energy Healer with abilities in clairvoyance (to see), clairaudience (to hear), and claircognizance (tuning in, knowing, knowledge), I deliver a rewarding and enlightening personalized experience for each of my clients.
Spirituality has been a lifelong study and I'm fulfilling my destiny through my work. Areas of expertise include: Professional Intuitive Life Coach and Energy Healer, Certified Animal Communicator and Reiki. 
I specialize in reading energy and using vibrational healing, Akashic records and much more to help people clear blocks in love, career, financial issues, current and past life trauma and life empowerment.

As a Psychic and Medium, I also receive and give messages.  As a Psychic, I connect with Spirit, God, Universe, Guides and Angels. As a Medium, I connect with "Human Spirits" and "Animals Spirits" that have passed on and present themselves with messages for the client.
I’ve always used my gifts with pure consciousness, love and light. 
I support my clients in their process of evolving to become the happiest and most balanced person they desire to be and live their best life filled with joy and peace. 

Directing positive energy and using guided intuition, as well as a compassionate and caring approach, my clients enjoy a safe and comforting space to release any blocks holding them back and gain insight to move forward in their lives with confidence and clarity.
My life's work focuses on bringing together people, places and animals of love, light and joy for the mutual benefit of ascension into the higher self and becoming our true self. 
I truly love my work and look forward to working with you.
Not only will you feel good about what you share, you’ll feel lighter and freer. 
It is possible - that life you envisioned there for a moment.All you have to do is believe it and together, we’ll make it happen.
The question is:  Are you ready?  Is it time to create the life of your dreams? 
Let’s find out! You’re invited to connect with me so we can have a chat about it. 
What do you really want for yourself in this lifetime? After all, we get only one go-round on this ride, so why not live it to your fullest potential - Healthy, Impassioned, Boldly Confident? 
Book your Free To Be U Consultation with me today. 


Each client is unique. One-size-fits-all approach won’t help you reach your full potential. I offer customized solutions, tailored for you each and every session. Appointments are by phone or email.

Sessions are paid-for in advance prior to our first call.

Sessions for People

One 60 Minute Session - $250
5 One Hour Session Package - $1,000
10 One Hour Session Package $1,500

Sessions for Pets

One 30 Minute Session - $120
One 60 Minute Session - $200


Requisite Legal Disclaimer

I use my training and gifts to read the energy as I see it and share that awareness with clients for their consideration. 

My energy work is not a replacement for medical attention, treatment or advice and I do not present it or recommend it as such.  I do not give advice or tell people what to do in life, relationships, work, finances or any other areas. Please seek the proper advisement of appropriate professionals for decisions related to investments, money, relationships, work, etc. 

This website, its content and presented services are for entertainment purposes only.

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