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Pet Readings


For the Love of Animals

Big and Small

My love of animals has been with me since I can remember. In younger days I trained and showed horses for about 25 years. Horses make my heart sing, but helping animals is a deep passion of mine. Animals have unique ways of opening our hearts to possibilities we didn't realize were there.


Anyone who has watched animals can see they are communicating with each other in a telepathic way. I've always felt animals are more connected with universal source energy and therefore, more aware of their surroundings and each other. I first noticed this when I was training horses. It was clear that they had a connection with each other. I’ve often witnessed a beautiful connection between a horse and rider team, albeit the riders never made the connection that it was telepathic. That might be because society says it’s not possible. It is possible.


Over the years, I’ve worked to fine-tune my natural abilities. It has become easy to connect to the energy of an animal, hear what they’re saying and understand what they’re communicating. Sending energy healing was the natural next step. This also works with pets that have crossed over.


"I was so excited for a pet reading and I didn’t realize how accurate it really was and how many categories Terry covers. Grief is a very funny thing.  And a painful thing. I invested in a reading for my two dogs who had already passed who had been my best friends. It was such a relief to hear from my pets that I loved dearly. I was amazed at Terry’s accuracy and I'm glad to know that my protective guard dogs are still around me.  The reading was very therapeutic for my grieving process. I believe God has a special place for Terry and her unconditional love of our pets. Many blessings to you and your beautiful gift."

—  Tina, Denver, Colorado

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