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Intuitive Readings

Readings on all matters of life. Answers to your burning questions. Clear your blocks to manifesting your life's desires.

Remove the dense, dark energies that inhibit your forward progress to help you create the life of your dreams.

Everyone wants love and nurturing. After clearing your barriers to love, you’ll find it easier to enjoy your mate, find your perfect match or create a beautiful partnership.

Find and clear the barriers to designing the career or business you love.  Increase your revenue. Gain more clients.  Get out of the red and into black.


Readings can go all different directions.

What would your life look and feel like with love and light everywhere you looked, in all areas of your life? 


As an Intuitive Energy Practitioner, I facilitate the clearing of blocks and physical world manifestations to allow my clients to choose a clear and concise path or way of life for themselves. I effectively remove the stops that impinge on true happiness in all areas of life.


I also use my abilities as a Psychic and Medium to receive and give messages.  


As a Psychic, I connect with Spirit, God, Universe, Guides and Angels.


As a Medium, I connect with "Human Spirits" and "Animals Spirits" that have passed on and present themselves with messages for the client.


I believe people want balance and harmony in their lives and would like to eliminate the excessive drama. When there's drama it's usually driven by something unseen.


By removing hidden blocks and stops to the life you want, unwanted drama disappears too. Everything evens out as balance and harmony are restored so you can manifest the life you want.


In the most positive and encouraging way, I’ll gently guide you through what’s holding you back from achieving your hopes and dreams. As our sessions progress, you’ll find quicker results, clearing faster and progressing closer to the life you love.


“Terry’s reading changed my life for the better. I never thought anyone could teach an old dog new tricks and help me develop new habits for a balanced and joyful life.  I feel happier, lighter and alive with less fear. I find all this very interesting. Learning more about myself and finding out who I am makes life easier. Worth every penny.

—  Tina, Colorado

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