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Past Life Clearings

Readings on all matters of life and questions. Clear your blocks to manifesting your life's desires.

Enjoy my technique to move clients through past lives and pull out the dense, stuck energy that's blocking. This tends to clear the Karma too.

Even if you don't believe you have, the healing is still very real and helpful. 

Find and clear the barriers that are keeping your business or career stuck.


This type of healing is very real, helpful and powerful.

Clearing Past Lives results in the most transformative shifts and this kind of work falls within my area of expertise.


I've developed a highly effective technique to move through your Past Lives quickly and release the dense, transfixed energy that’s holding you back. This energy work has the transformative effect of clearing the Karma too. The shift tends to be immediate and the results are long-lasting.


Past Life clearings are most beneficial when there are unresolved long-standing issues as experienced with the people and pets you have relationships with.  They could also manifest themselves in a physical sense as health challenges, or even mental or emotional difficulties. Finding the root cause will clear the issue. Many clients say they can feel the shifts for several days after our session together.


This energy is so powerful that the clearings work whether we’re face-to-face, on the phone or even via email. My ultimate goal is to empower you to become entirely self-sufficient with your own clearings so you’re virtually unstoppable: able to design and build the life you desire for yourself – in love, in relationships, in your professional life, and spiritually.


My desire is for you to live fully empowered and able to manifest anything you want:  Joy, Serenity, Balance, Love, Abundance.


"Terry's work is very insightful. She has the innate ability to tune into blocks you’re not even  completely aware of. Terry quickly assists you in clearing them, often removing layers of unwanted energy and then shows you how to allow positive energy to flow in. In every session, Terry surprised me with her insights and what was even better were the amazing serendipitous events that occurred my life after our sessions together."

—  Gull K, UK

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